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Glossary W

W-2 form A tax form that reports an employee’s annual wages and taxes withheld. Writing Resignation Letter: Work-Life Balance (Guide) Wage and hour laws Laws… Read More »Glossary W

Glossary V

Vacation time Paid time off from work. Writing Resignation Letter: Military Deployment (Tips) What is the best way to write a resignation letter with immediate… Read More »Glossary V

Glossary U

Uncertainty Company Mergers Resignation: References (Structure) No Room for Innovation Resignation: References (Explained) Resignation Letters: Family Reasons (Explained) Relocation Resignation Letters: Your Guide (Overview) Resignation… Read More »Glossary U

Glossary T

Tactful delivery Delivering the resignation letter in a respectful and professional manner. Writing Resignation Letters: Stressful Environment (Format) Tactfulness Diplomacy and sensitivity in communication. Burnout… Read More »Glossary T

Glossary S

Safety hazards Any potential danger or risk to the health and safety of employees in the workplace. Resignation Letters: Inadequate Resources (Explained) Salary benchmarking The… Read More »Glossary S

Glossary R

Reasonable accommodations Modifications made to a job or workplace to enable an employee with a disability to perform their job duties. Resignation Letters: Pregnancy (Explained)… Read More »Glossary R

Glossary Q

Qualifications Skills, education, and experience that make an individual suitable for a job. Job Misrepresentation Resignation: References (Guide) Reduced Hours Resignation: References (Tips) Burnout Resignation:… Read More »Glossary Q

Glossary P

Paid time off for prenatal appointments or childbirth preparation classes Time off granted to expectant mothers for medical appointments or classes related to childbirth. Resignation… Read More »Glossary P

Glossary O

Objectivity The ability to make decisions or judgments based on facts and evidence rather than personal feelings or biases. Resigning Due to Work Culture: Letter… Read More »Glossary O

Glossary N

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Writing Resignation Letter: Workplace Harassment (Guide) Navigating Retirement Resignation: How to Get References (Guide) Career Change: Resignation & Reference Letters… Read More »Glossary N

Glossary M

Maintaining integrity Maintaining integrity – Acting with honesty and ethics in the resignation process. Resigning for Personal Reasons: The Letter (Tips) Unethical Practices Resignation: References… Read More »Glossary M

Glossary L

Lack of autonomy in decision-making Resignation Letters: Lack of Recognition (Explained) Lack of communication Company Mergers Resignation: References (Structure) Resignation Letters: Business Ownership (Guide) Resignation… Read More »Glossary L

Glossary K

Key employee retention plan Strategies to retain valuable employees and prevent turnover. Resignation Letters: Business Ownership (Guide) Knowledge drain Lack of Recognition Resignation: References (Explained)… Read More »Glossary K

Glossary J

Job analysis A process of evaluating the duties, responsibilities, and requirements of a job to determine its worth and importance. Salary Dispute Resignation: References (Structure)… Read More »Glossary J

Glossary I

Identity verification Education Pursuit Resignation: Getting References (Tips) Job Misrepresentation Resignation: References (Guide) Unethical Practices Resignation: References (Guide) Impact of leaving on the team/project/workload Family… Read More »Glossary I

Glossary H

Handling The way in which a resignation is communicated to an employer. Resigning Due to Unethical Practices: Letter (Guide) Unethical Practices Resignation: References (Guide) Frequent… Read More »Glossary H

Glossary G

Garden leave Taking time off work during the notice period, while still being paid. Writing Resignation Letter: Work-Life Balance (Guide) Personal Reasons Resignation: References (Tips)… Read More »Glossary G

Glossary F

Fair compensation The expectation that employees will receive fair and equitable compensation for their work. Resignation Letters: Salary Dispute (Structure) Work Overload Resignation: Getting References… Read More »Glossary F

Glossary E

Economic conditions Resignation Letters: Changing Industry (Structure) Economic downturns or recessions Periods of economic decline or contraction. Resignation Letters: Inadequate Resources (Explained) Education Formal or… Read More »Glossary E

Glossary D

Damage assessment The process of evaluating the extent of damage caused by an incident or event. Writing Resignation Letters: Retirement (Format) Damages Harm or injury… Read More »Glossary D

Glossary C

Candidate evaluation Education Pursuit Resignation: Getting References (Tips) Candidate experience Unethical Practices Resignation: References (Guide) Candidate information Job Misrepresentation Resignation: References (Guide) Candidate selection criteria… Read More »Glossary C

Glossary B

Background checks Investigation of a person’s criminal, financial, and employment history for employment or other purposes. Education Pursuit Resignation: Getting References (Tips) Unethical Practices Resignation:… Read More »Glossary B

Glossary A

Ability to speak positively about your strengths and accomplishments Education Pursuit Resignation: Getting References (Tips) Absenteeism Resignation Letters: Lack of Recognition (Explained) Lack of Growth… Read More »Glossary A

Glossary 4

401 (k) rollover options after resignation Options for transferring retirement savings from a former employer’s 401(k) plan to a new plan or IRA. Resigning Due… Read More »Glossary 4