Accused By Superiors Or Colleagues? How To Resign In Tricky Situations?

When you are working in any employment, it is inevitable that you will all kinds of people from all works of life. Some colleagues are friendly, some employers are unreasonable, and some supervisors are scheming. In some cases, you may face with tricky situation such that you want to resign as fast as possible.

A friend of mine recently encounter a bad situation. One of the supervisors was quite bad and he was accused of scratching the company’s mac book. It was a terrible experience and instead of working on his daily job and routines, he was interrogated in the offices with other supervisors.

To cut the story short, he wanted to get out of this job.

But as you can see, he is stuck in a situation. If he resigns, would he seem guilty of the situation? What if the next company that is going to hire him called up his previous employment, what would the HR department says? What reasons should he give for his resignation?

When encounter with such tricky situation, it is important for you to consider the impact of your actions. You may want to find trusted colleagues, managers, supervisors, or even a senior manager to help you out. The more people who stands by your side, the more power you have.

Before you resign, you would want to let the whole incident to close first. In my friend’s case, he waited until the supervisor stopped accusing him and almost forgeting the incident before he tendered his resignation.

When you are writing your resignation, be sure not to write anything with regards to the incident as it may affect you in many unexpected ways. For instance, you may thought of saying “I felt that I was accused”. But if you write that, the supervisor may come out with new things or accusation which makes your departure difficult.

For the reasons for resignation, you can include general reasons like health issues, financial issues, family problems, going back to studies, other opportunities. You may even want to exclude all the reasons but just seeking for better opportunities.

But in some cases, where it is an internship or a contract job, you may require to include the reasons.

Let us know if you or your friends have encountered any tricky situations below!

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