Resignation Letter Writing Service

A Newly Launched Service That Can Ease Your Resignation Problems

Dear Friends,

Are you frustrated over writing a diplomatic resignation letter?

Are you afraid that you would leave a bad impression with your HR manager or even your boss? The fact that you are here today only mean one thing – You want to find out how to write a good resignation letter, and hopefully when you leave your job, you would not offend anyone or burn any bridges.

You know the importance of building a positive relationship with your former employers because you never know whether you would need their help as reference or they may even become your clients in the future.

This is also the reason why I created this website  РTo provide resignation letter writing service so that you can leave your job .

Introducing Resignation Letters Writing Services…

And that is why our resignation letter writing service can help you. Our team of writers are university graduates who are trained to help our friends who have to resign from their jobs and internships. But now, we are bringing our services to the internet as a business service and to help you write your resignation letter.

  • No more frustrations over what to write for your resignation letter.
  • Save time and spend it with your loved ones
  • Have a diplomatic resignation letter that leaves a positive impression with your employers, HR managers or even your supervisors

Imagine if you engage a professional service, how much are they going to charge you?

It can easily go up to a $100…

Today, you are not going to pay $100,

You are not even going to pay $50,

Not even the usual price of $24,

Only $9.99 For The First 10 7 customers

Because we have just recently launched this service online, we would only be charging at $9.99 for the first 10 7 customers! Hopefully you will give us your testimonials so that we know we are doing a good job.

After paying for our services, please fill up a purchase form with your details. We will send you the completed resignation letter in just 2 days!

Who am I?

My name is George, a recent graduate from Singapore Management University, and a full time professional writer in various topics…

This is how I started building up a team of professional resignation letters writers…

In our university, there is an internship policy that we can’t quit our job once we have accepted the internship. And we are paid at a measly $400-$500 for an internship job.

Here’s the thing..

Imagine if there are some employers who want to exploit the “cheap” labor and hire the students? And imagine if there are some supervisors, managers or employers who may accuse the students for damaging some office property, threatening the students do night shift or even harass the students (Well I’ll leave it to your imagination)…

But what I can tell you is these things really happened and some of my friends faced this problem. Eventually, there came a time when they need to send in the resignation letter and quit the job.

When writing the resignation letter…

You can’t mention anything about any incident you encounter because it will not do you any good. But at the same time, you need a good reason to leave the job diplomatically without burning bridges. It’s a tricky situation…

Through the help from the our university’s staff and professors, we have discovered some of the diplomatic ways to write the resignation letter and with that, I have created a team to help many of our friends to resign positively.

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