The Two Fundamentals in Writing Letter Of Resignation

Resignation from a current organization is more complicated than we might think. Writing the letter of resignation without considering the significant factors, regardless whether you mean it or not, will have adverse effects on future career pursuits. A lot of thought must be put in the manner and wordings included in the letter, to ensure a departure in amicable terms.

Basically, there are two characteristics the resignation letter must have to ensure no toes are stepped on, and result in a favorable separation. It is vital for the two to be present in the letter, for the letter to be a complete success. These two characteristics are as follows:

Overcoming Emotions

In most cases, if emotions are not kept in check, the resignation letter is affected. You may put into writing a negative reason behind your resignation, and your employer and peers may think you are expressing ill-feelings towards them, leading to a worse situation. You never know the connections they might have outside the walls of your office, and finding a job in the future will be difficult.

On the other hand, writing a letter of resignation with minimal or no emotions, regardless of the true sentiments, will ensure a safe and favorable exit. In this case, an atmosphere of tranquility is established, and a letter of recommendation will be drawn up upon the submission of the resignation letter.

Professionalism And Etiquette

Writing a letter of resignation unprofessionally will demonstrate your lack of know-how, and it will be relief to immediately let you go. It would be better to leave a positive lasting impression, rather than to leave in shame.

Like all business letters, a resignation letter should be written professionally, with no exceptions. It must be firm and honest in stating the reason behind the resignation. You may not have gotten along with some of the people in your workplace, but at least, in presenting a professional letter of resignation, you show a different level of class, which illustrates etiquette and character.

It is also advisable to at least give two weeks notice, before the resignation takes effect. This allows your current employer to designate, or find a replacement, to make sure no work is left undone. Also remember to thank your employer for the opportunity, which will go a long way, leading to a favorable letter of recommendation and positive feedback.

Letters of resignation written in a professional manner, without giving in to emotions will go a long way, and is the proper way of ending employment. The experience, in the current workplace, may not have been a good one, but that does not mean any good cannot come out of it. A good letter of resignation demonstrates good character, resulting to a good recommendation in future pursuits.

Bellow is an example of a professional Letter of resignation.

Dear Mr./Ms. (Name Of Manager Or Superior)

Please accept this letter as a formal notice of my resignation from this reputable company, (Name Of Company), effective on (Day To Take Effect). Although I regret for us to part ways, my employment in this prestigious company has been fruitful, and I am confident the skills learned here will be beneficial in future pursuits.

I hope that my two weeks notice will be sufficient in finding an able replacement. Please let me know if you require me to tie whichever loose ends I have left unfinished, or train my future replacement, in the coming two weeks.

I thank you for giving me the opportunity of having to work here.


(Your Signature)

(Your Name)

cc: (Names Of Those Who Require A Copy Of The Letter)

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