How To Resign From Your Job

It is quite a tricky situation when you are trying to turn in your resignation letter. Most of the time, you want to resign because you are not happy with your job – the bad working environment, your unreasonable boss, or even your back-stabbing fellow colleagues.

There are many other reasons that make you want to quit your job.

But the first thing that you would want to do is to decide whether you would want to quit. You don’t want to regret your decision later on. Make sure you weigh your options before making the decision.

There are many cases where an employee started work in a new company only to find out that they had make a wrong choice. When he or she wanted to go back to the old company, it was too late and reflected badly on the employee.

In such cases where you are thinking of changing job, you may want to spend a day in your new company and observe whether you like your potential new job.

We have also hear from other employee who wanted to leave the job because of poor safety policies in the company – X-ray radiation emitted from machine was not properly handled by the company. In this situation, where it concerns with our health and life, we would advice that you leave your job as soon as possible.

Now, after you have decided to leave your job, you would need to plan your resignation carefully and not burn any bridges in the future. You might meet your ex-employers in future networking events or business trips.

Planning Your Resignation

As you plan your resignation, here are some of the things that you want to plan for…

  • Your next job – Are you going to secure your next job before you quit your current one? If not, do you have enough savings to keep you going on?
  • Discharging your duties and responsibilities – You want to be responsible to your current company before you leave your job as it could help you in many ways in your future endeavor.
  • The exact date to resign – Consider the exact day you want to resign and work backwards to find out when is the exact date you can break the news
  • Resignation letter – Writing of your resignation letter. Make sure you know the format and how to write the resignation letter with style and dignity.
  • Do your resignation homework - Find out about if there’s any compensation, employee benefits, unused vacation, sick pay, 401k or other pension plans. You want to make sure all these are handled properly before you announce your resignation plans.
  • Planning what to say and when to say it – Being positive and grateful to your company and employer could really help you. You want to leave after a major project and not during the peak of a project.

We hope this will help you to handle your resignation much more smoothly and if you have any concerns and problems, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

15 thoughts on “How To Resign From Your Job”

  1. I am writing my letter of resignation as I leave this comment.

    I have been battling with this resignation the same week I started in September. I am considering giving in my resignation tomorrow before parent teacher conferences next week.
    I have been feeling physically ill from the unsupportive and disorganized work environment, the bad disrespectful and dishonest behavior of the students. The studentst are allowed to do as they please in the classroom without meaningful consequences.
    I tried my best to stay positive, but I ahve been becoming ill lately and as a result I have been absent.
    Will my resignation cause me more hardship in the future? I intend to continue working in the field of education.

  2. If you begin to get physically ill, your body is telling you to get the hey out of there. If you have tried making changes, and are not supported or respected, it is not the right fit for you.

    When looking for a job, put a sentence in your cover letter that says, “Please do not contact my employer for reference until a contract is in place.” Just try to give as much notice as possible; but if its not an option, then consider cashiering at a store while interviewing.

    I am in a similar situation. I hope all works out for you.

  3. I am writing my letter of resignation at this moment. After a year of requesting a review and raise I have taken the initiative and move on. I have never seen a sitiuation where upper level production is not rewarded and the director has clickish tendencies and is very unprofessional.

  4. Angela is right. Maybe my work doesn’t fit to me so i have to leave even though i am just starting! Im very stupid!

  5. i have been tried to give resignation letter at this moment. .
    because my team is not co-operative with me .
    and as much as i can.. i tried to solve all kind of proble but i wasn’t success where i’m working .
    and major things it’s gonna be finish my contract periode.
    we request about upgrade our salary even that one also not increased that’s why i’m wondering to give resignation letter please tell me what should i do at this moment?

  6. erm my situation is kind similar – our GM loves to interfere in our organisation with inconsistent instructions given to us which definitely not solving problem. I really frustrated with how he’s handling things and how he tried to fool my immediate superior. I have received a better offer but im a bit guilty to leave my superior because he cant find better assistant like of my colleague just resigned because of the GM yet the GM acted like he’s not at fault and passing the baton to my superior…damn

  7. To all your comments i think the tips given is what you all need. Check out first your option… and sometimes what we hate most in our jobs is what we find in the next… weigh your option…peace!!!

  8. I need to write a letter of resignation. My situation is a strange one. I tend to work Seasonal jobs, so that they fit into my school schedule easier, and I am able to best utilize the skills that I have. I work for an Outdoor School program in the fall and Spring, and I work summer camps usually, or find summer work. During the winter I find a temporary position, and work til the winter is over, and I go back to ODS in March. This past winter (November), I landed a job in sales at the mall, per diem, and ending in January. When Jan came around, I was prepared to leave, and I was asked to stay on a little longer as Per Diem. I said okay, and I usually get between 8-25 hours every 2 weeks (which doesn’t exactly pay the bills), I am very up front about my ODS jobs, and that unless I get better pay from another job, I will continue to return in Fall and Spring. I told my boss I would be returning, and then gave her the dates. I gave her the dates again yesterday, and she told me I had to take a leave of absence. I know that I can come back to this job this summer, if I don’t have another job, but this job doesn’t pay the bills, and I would be leaving again when Fall came around. My boss is mad at me for “springing this on her” even though I told her multiple times since being hired, and told her during my interview. Should I resign or write a letter of resignation. It doesn’t make sense to keep this job. I have to claim unemployment with this job in order to pay rent and car insurance and the phone bill. Any Help?

  9. i started working with this company last feb. 15, 2011. as a liaison officer, i am allowed to reimburse all my transportation expenses for the day including meal allowance. i do not like how things turned out. my fellow LO’s are overcharging their transpo expenses. they are dictating me how much i should write for a fare to a certain distance. that is double the amount that i should be given! and the meal allowance they are charging, although with the approval of the GM, was without the knowledge of the owner of the company. can’t stand it and i’m feeling sick. i wanted to resign immediately, as in within 24 hrs. how should i tell them? please help me.

  10. i am considering leaving my job i havn’t been happy for months and i work four jobs in the same place and on mim wage while everyone is on more, i do not want that carer and i wish to do more things with my life, my boss intends to sack me if i get a second job the people i work with are gossipers and i feel that my boss has no respect for me. do i leave now or find a new job first?

  11. I’m doing a job in a Call Center for more than one year. I’m one of the successful Executive in the company. But recently one of my junior colleague has been selected as the Team Leader. But I was more perfect than him to be a Team Leader. Also my current salary is not helping me to meet and solve my needs. I cant work under disrespect at all. I did my work with full honesty and dedication. Now I’m planning to quit. So, what should I do now? Should I talk to my management authority about that or should I submit my resignation?

  12. I just started this job 3 months ago i hate it the hours are not what was agreed on and they are now short handed. i am not sure how to write this letter

  13. “I just started this job 3 months ago i hate it the hours are not what was agreed on and they are now short handed. i am not sure how to write this letter”

    Try stating reasons that you cannot work at the designated hours because you are doing something else at those times and your job is affecting your other duties.

    Thank everybody for the opportunity.

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